• Meet Our Staff

    With education and experience in early childhood care
  • Our staff consists of high quality educators with years of experience in early childhood care.

    • Rosemary (Rose)

      Rose is our cook. She works full time in our kitchen. Rose has been with us for 12 years.

    • Tahnee
      Assistant Educator

      Tahnee works full time in our pre-kindy room. She has completed her Certificate 3 in Child Care.

    • Shauni
      Assistant Educator

      Shauni works full-time in our baby room. Shauni has completed her Certificate 3 in Child Care.

    • Rose
      Assistant Educator

      Rose works full time in our Toddler room. Rose has her Cert 3 in Child Care. Rose has a passion for the arts.

    • Tamika
      Qualified Educator

      Tamika has her Cert 3 in Child Care. She works the 6am shift and works across all rooms.

    • Marlene

      Marlene is Tanya’s mum and she works every day keeping our centre clean and ensuring our washing is done.

    • Tayler
      Assistant Educator

      Tayler has been at our centre since September 2016. She came from another centre. She has her Cert 3 in child care. She also has experience with Nanny work. Tayler currently works 3 days a week in our Toddler room.

    • Jahnvi
      Qualified Educator

      Jahnvi did her work placements with us, and has now achieved her Diploma in Children’s studies.

      Jahnvi works full time in our toddler room on our early shift.

    • Jenny
      Assistant Educator

      Jenny did her work placement with us while studying for her Cert 3 in Children’s Services.

      Jenny works full time in our Kindy Room.

    • Peta
      Team Leader

      Peta started at our service in 2000. She worked her way from assistant to Qualified educator. Peta is also Tanya’s Assistant Director when she is away. Peta works in our baby room as the team leader full time.

    • Dubravka
      Team Leader

      Dubravka is our Team Leader in the Kindy room and holds a teaching degree in Croatia. When she migrated to Australia she completed her Child Care studies. She is also Tanya’s assistant director when she is away.


    • Melinda
      Assistant Educator

      Melinda has been with our centre for over 10 years. She currently works as an Assistant in our centre 2 days a week floating across all rooms. She has completed her Certificate 3 in Child Care.



    • Melissa
      Team Leader/Educational Leader/Sustainability Leader

      Melissa joined our team in 2005. She has worked as an assistant until (2014) completing her Diploma in Child Care. She is currently our Pre-Kindy Teacher and  Team Leader.

    • Neeta
      Team Leader

      She has been with us since 2008 and has achieved her Diploma of Children’s Services and the Advanced Diploma in Child Care Management.

      Neeta is our toddler room team leader.

    • Hannah
      Qualified Educator/Occupational Health and Safety Officer

      Hannah joined us from Port Pirie. She studied her Diploma in Children’s Services with us and is now working 4 days across all rooms.

      Hannah is also our Occupational Health and Safety Officer.


    • Demi
      Qualified Educator

      Demi started volunteering at our Centre when she was in high school. Every Friday after school, Demi would come to our Centre to help the staff.

      Eventually Demi started doing relief work with us while studying her Bachelor of Early Childhood. Demi started working full time in our baby room and is the co-team leader with Peta. Demi also has a Diploma in Children’s Services.